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Avernakø/Korshavn Kunstforening Summer Project

Where is the border?

In Danish the word “grænse” has many

meanings – border, boundary line,

limit, etc. So when we ask

“Hvor går grænsen”, it´s a very

ambiguous question, which is hard to

translate exactly: “Where is the border,

the boundary line, the limit…?”

For the world is full of boundaries.

Boundaries of all sorts.

Visible and invisible. Sturdy and

fleeting. Noticeable and imperceptible. Natural and cultural. Existing, imagined or totally fictive. Each and every moment, boundaries are being found, invented or reinvented. Defined, registered or purely rejected. Dissolved or moved to completely new places or areas. In fact, boundaries are a basic and boundless phenomenon. This year Denmark celebrates the 100th year of “the reunification”: By referendum, the Danish-German border was moved, so that

Southern Jutland again became Danish. The Covid-19 pandemic did put a new focus upon borders, as Denmark and many other nations closed their borders and restricted the freedom of movement and social interaction. But boundaries are much more. What physical boundaries do e.g. characterize Avernakø and Korshavn? As we first recognize them, we really discover how many boundaries we live with, within and between.